Energy Transcendence Services 

Our services include several different workshops in which we publish what, when, and how much each week.   Energy Consultations with Aura Readings/reports, Energy readings, and Aura/Energy guidance is by appointment only - please call the Salon on Saturdays to schedule services.  517-262-8106

Aura Readings

Aura is taken in real time showing you on the screen actual energy flowing, changing colors at first then becoming more true to what your energy is today.  Telling you exactly what is happening to your energy and a  several page report is printed or emailed to you.  This report tells all about you!  Amazing for sure!  This is a scheduled appointment - Cost $40.00 -60.00


Energy Card Reading

Energy from you shuffling the cards brings out amazing results!  

30 Minute Reading $ 40.00

60 Minute Reading $ 70.00

This is a scheduled appointment and recording sessions are allowed.


Energy Transcendence Workshops

The  AURA WORKSHOP 101 available on March 1st, 2020 will be for  Aura/Real time on screen and hard copy reports,

Time:   1pm-3pm  Sunday, March 1st

Cost $ 60.00

Seating is limited please call and reserve your place!



Blog regarding Metaphysical events coming soon!

What our customers are saying

Amazing and Mysterious events happen all the time to us individually and around us!  To notice and recognize these events, then to make sense of it all...…. is what happens at Energy Transcendence!

Simply Awesome!

Angela J. - Cavi Contouring

Jaime R - Melling Industrial

Derek T - Fifth Third

Ashly S - AE Athestics

Missy J - Jennings Tire

Greg R - Melling Industrial

Ralph H - Engravers Designs

Sandy D - U360 Spa

Marina M - Divinity Designs

Susan D - Retired

Don D - Retired

Tanya D - Psychic Industry

Maria - Care Worker

and many others!